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Waconia Pride!

THANK YOU to ALL our Wonderful Supporters

The 2017 Grandstand Dedication Day was a great success.  We want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate the community accomplishment.  This grandstand is an example of "Waconia United"....a community coming together to make this the best place to live.

Here's to more events and fun times at Lions Field and Waconia Stadium.

With highest thanks,

Waconia Baseball Association

2017 WBA Youth Baseball Clinic

Here's to a wonderful WBA Baseball Clinic! Thank you for everyone who helped and participated.

Waconia Grandstand Update 5.16.17

Waconia Baseball Community,

It seems like a great time to update everyone on the progress of the "Raise the Grandstand" project.  With Waconia Baseball teams in full "swing" we are proud to tell everyone we think we have hit a "home run" for our community.

When this project started, it basically was a few guys sitting around a table trying to maintain the good work others have done to get the Waconia Baseball Association where it was to that point.  A new field constructed in 1997, addition of dugouts, lights, and other amenities made it a fun park for teams to play on.

Serious talks started in 2013 with the first load of dirt dumped on site on January 6th, 2015.  Fast forward to today and you are looking at one of the nicest ballparks in all of the area!  The countless number of volunteers and contributors to the project would take pages upon pages of recognition.  This project couldn't have happened without them.  It should be noted that everyone (and I mean everyone) in Waconia has "stepped up to the plate".  The City of Waconia, School District #110, and the Waconia Lions have been major pillars in this campaign.  The amount of time and money that has gone into this project will pay dividends to this community for years to come.

The perimeter fence to the field has just been completed and we will be looking to secure the stadium for the summer.  If you haven't been to a ballgame at Lions Field yet...stop in.  Admission is free for most of the games with exception of the Lakers (our TownBall Team).  There is always something to eat, drink, and "say" when you're at the ballpark.  It's easy to find a friendly face and good conversation when you are there.....and by the way - our teams are pretty darn good on the field as well!

The hundreds of people of who have walked the stadium have made comments like "Amazing", "This Is Unbelievable", and "Holy Cow".  So come, bring your family and friends, and see what at the buzz is about.  You won't be disappointed!