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Welcome to the Home of Waconia Baseball

Happy Holidays from the Waconia Baseball Association

As you can see the Raise the Grandstand project is moving, with great momentum, forward.  We are proud that the Waconia Baseball Association and all of our partners have seen this project as a way for our community to shine.  We are thankful for so many wonderful things about this project.  In spirit with the holidays, we are taking this time to play on the 12 Days of Christmas theme with our own version.......let's call it .........

"12 Innings of Waconia Baseball"

On the twelfth inning of Waconia Baseball, my true love gave to me.
Twelve fans a screaming.
Eleven pitchers pitching.
Ten batters batting.
Nine innings playing.
Eight bags of peanuts.
Seven batters batting.
Six pack of cold ones.
Four balls, walk,
Three strikes, you're out.
Two teams playing.

We are proud to call this city our home dugout.  You should be proud, as a Waconia resident, to call this grandstand your home dugout!  We still need your help.  We have many businesses, groups, families, and individuals who have given.  Whether it was volunteer hours, money, and/or products the response has been tremendous.  

If you would like to give something (money, product, time, etc.) please email us at  During this holiday season we are thankful of the potential that this grandstand will bring to Waconia.  Just vision, the crowds roaring, burgers grilling, music playing, and all right here - THIS COMING SEASON! ...... and you thought visions of sugar plums were something to behold!

We wish you all the best this Holiday Season and let's make 2017 the year of Waconia Baseball!

- Waconia Baseball Association