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Welcome to Lion's Field Grandstand Capital Campaign

Waconia Grandstand Update 5.16.17

Waconia Baseball Community,

It seems like a great time to update everyone on the progress of the "Raise the Grandstand" project.  With Waconia Baseball teams in full "swing" we are proud to tell everyone we think we have hit a "home run" for our community.

When this project started, it basically was a few guys sitting around a table trying to maintain the good work others have done to get the Waconia Baseball Association where it was to that point.  A new field constructed in 1997, addition of dugouts, lights, and other amenities made it a fun park for teams to play on.

Serious talks started in 2013 with the first load of dirt dumped on site on January 6th, 2015.  Fast forward to today and you are looking at one of the nicest ballparks in all of the area!  The countless number of volunteers and contributors to the project would take pages upon pages of recognition.  This project couldn't have happened without them.  It should be noted that everyone (and I mean everyone) in Waconia has "stepped up to the plate".  The City of Waconia, School District #110, and the Waconia Lions have been major pillars in this campaign.  The amount of time and money that has gone into this project will pay dividends to this community for years to come.

The perimeter fence to the field has just been completed and we will be looking to secure the stadium for the summer.  If you haven't been to a ballgame at Lions Field yet...stop in.  Admission is free for most of the games with exception of the Lakers (our TownBall Team).  There is always something to eat, drink, and "say" when you're at the ballpark.  It's easy to find a friendly face and good conversation when you are there.....and by the way - our teams are pretty darn good on the field as well!

The hundreds of people of who have walked the stadium have made comments like "Amazing", "This Is Unbelievable", and "Holy Cow".  So come, bring your family and friends, and see what at the buzz is about.  You won't be disappointed!

THANK YOU to ALL our Wonderful Supporters

The 2017 Grandstand Dedication Day was a great success.  We want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate the community accomplishment.  This grandstand is an example of "Waconia United"....a community coming together to make this the best place to live.

Here's to more events and fun times at Lions Field and Waconia Stadium.

With highest thanks,

Waconia Baseball Association



Let the Waconia City Council know that you support the Raising the Grandstand Capital Campaign.


(If your email browser does not open please open this document (CLICK HERE) and cut/paste into your composed email to this address

Please feel free to add more to the email.

Thanks for your support.....Let's break ground in August!

Waconia Baseball Needs YOU to HELP

Proposed Waconia Grandstand

Below is a pledge form for the "Raising the Grandstand" project.  

Without your donations, the project will only be a dream.

This is a great opportunity to invest in our community.

"Print" the form, fill out the information, and return to the address listed.

Thank you for making this dream a reality.

- Waconia Baseball Association

(questions - send an email to us

Build It........and They Will Come......

Waconia Baseball

"Raise the Grandstand"


You came.......

You saw.......

You had some beverages.......

And thanks to you we raised $460 having fun at WBC.  Funds will go towards the Raise the Grandstand campaign.

THANK YOU WBC and Waconia Baseball Fans!

"Raise the Grandstand" at Lion's Field - Update


The golf tournament was a HUGE success thanks to J. Carver Distillery , The Schiffler Family, Lola's Lakehouse, and Ridgeview Medical Center.  We raised well over $65,000 and are now able to put bids out on the newest addition to Waconia ... A state of the art grandstand at Lion's Field.

But in order to do this we need YOU to help us cross home plate.  The last part of the fundraising is making sure the grandstand has the first class canopy like in the pictures below.  This is the final part of the fundraising and quite possibly the most important.

Take a look below and through out our website on how you can become part of the team.  The plan is to break ground after the Waconia Baseball Association teams complete play in July 2016.  We are excited on the completion of the new bullpens/batting cages on both the 1st and 3rd base sides.  Click here to see the updates on the cages.

It is SO close you can smell the burgers and popcorn, see the fans cheering on their favorite Waconia Baseball teams, and hear "'s time for Take Me Out to the Ballgame......"

Our excitement and passion is one we want to share with YOU.  We can't wait to have this facility represent our wonderful city............

Yours in Baseball,

Waconia Baseball Association


It is with great excitement and "Waconia Pride" that we would like to announce that the Raise the Grandstand project is moving towards construction.  The bidding process is complete and the city council has moved forward with the construction phase of the project.

We are, without a doubt, grateful for the support that everyone has shown to make this project a reality.  While this great news will put the shovel in the ground, we are still in need of your help.  We will be confirming our pledges from those who have been there from the start and looking to gain partners to make this project complete.

Kellie Sites, President of the Waconia Chamber of Commerce, said it best in her recent Chamber article, "'s all about the ambiance....if you build it, they will come." (SEE KELLIE'S FULL CHAMBER ARTICLE BELOW)

Additionally, our friends at the Sun Patriot wrote a nice article about the project to this point.  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE) 

These examples truly articulate what we already knew - that Waconia is a baseball town! 

We will be updating the community throughout the next few months about the progress of this project.  Until then know that this project is, and always has been, about the Waconia Community and making this place the best place to live.  If you would like to pledge or gain more information please email us at

Soon we will all have a place where lyricist Jack Norworth must have been thinking of when he wrote,

"Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out to the crowd;
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
I don't care if I never get back....."

Yours in Baseball,

Waconia Baseball Association


(from Kellie Sites - President of the Waconia Chamber of Commerce)

Summertime and the livin’ is easy….

Summertime in Minnesota isn’t actual my favorite time of year.   Being a northwest gal, I prefer chilly nights and fewer bugs in the summer, but one thing I do love in summer, no matter where we live is baseball!

But why?   Is it all the statistics?  Pretty sure that is not why I love baseball.  I really think it’s all about the ambiance.   We like to just go to a baseball game, getting there early enough to watch the teams warm up.  Time to find our seats… time to find just the right beverage and meal to eat.  It’s all so relaxing!   You’re just forced to slow down.   It’s best if you can put your phone away – that way you’re not distracted – and less likely to get hit by a foul ball.

But why am I writing about this?  I just went to a Saint Paul Saints game for the first time on Monday night.   The buzz in Saint Paul was amazing on a Monday night!   Fans filling all the bars and restaurants, fans making their way to the stadium, fans laughing and looking at souvenirs to buy…  It was a great decision by the people of Saint Paul, the Saints organization and the City of Saint Paul to build this new stadium where they did.  I have been to the old stadium – which was also fun – but the new stadium has a special buzz.   We loved every minute of our time there.

But why do we care in Waconia?  Because we’re getting a new grandstand!  Why does this matter to the Waconia Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau?  Because it’s true – if you build it, they will come.  Teams will come for tournaments and they’ll need to eat and drink and stay somewhere.  And more than that, our community will be more inspired to go watch a game.   If you read the Patriot today, you’ll see that the Lakers and the Legion teams are doing so well!  Waconia Legion team heads to state! 

We have some great baseball action in Waconia and I’m so excited about the new grandstand.  This will give us the capacity to host bigger tournaments and will provide a great atmosphere to relax and enjoy a game.   If you’d like to be a part of the fun, check it out! .  You can find schedules for all the action at Lions Field.  You can also sign up for their golf tournament on August 22nd. 

The Waconia Baseball Association, along with the City of Waconia and the Waconia School District have been working hard and overcoming many hurdles to make this a reality.   So I’d like to close with these words from Babe Ruth,  “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”  

Rendering of the 2016 Raise the Grandstand Project

Rendering of the 2016 Raise the Grandstand Project